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86. “Born Again” or “Born from Above”? John 3:3

“Born Again” or “Born from Above”? In all languages we have words with double meanings. When Jesus said to Nicodemus in John 3:3 that those who do not fulfill the requirement, will not “see” the Kingdom of God, He did … Continue reading

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I post this most interesting article by Dan Wallace that he originally posted on the blog “Parchment and Pen” on 13 September 2007. In it he describes inter alia the criteria paleographers use to date a manuscript.

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80 Was Grace removed from Luke 9:55-56?

80 Was Grace translated out of Luke 9:55-56? In Luke 9:53-56 we find an incident where it might seem as though the modern versions of the Bible have removed grace for the Samaritans. But when a version is so commonly … Continue reading

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79 Meeting on the way, Mat. 28:9

Meeting on the way, Matthew 28:9 When one becomes aware of how many differences there are between older and modern versions of the Bible, one can become alarmed. But when someone attributes these differences and omissions to one or the … Continue reading

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78. Oldest witness of the New Testament, Papyrus 52

Rylands Library Papyrus P52 Tim Challies 03/21/13 7 (Re-blogged from Tim Challies’ blog: http://www.challies.com Not only does Tim give an excellent description of this important fragment, but he also explains how some variations in ancient manuscripts of the NT could … Continue reading

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77. Dividing His clothes Mat. 27:35

Dividing His clothes Mat. 27:35 In Psalm 22:18 we read: “They divide my garments among them and cast lots for my clothing.” (NIV) This verse is fulfilled when the soldiers cast the lots to determine who should have Jesus’ tunic, … Continue reading

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74. Hearing mistakes Rev.1:5

Hearing mistakes Rev. 1;5 Have you ever made a hearing mistake? Let’s assume you have to translate the following sentence and is confronted by two manuscripts, the one reading: “MAY THE SUN ALWAYS ENLIGHTEN YOUR WAY”. The other says: “MAY … Continue reading

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