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86. “Born Again” or “Born from Above”? John 3:3

“Born Again” or “Born from Above”? In all languages we have words with double meanings. When Jesus said to Nicodemus in John 3:3 that those who do not fulfill the requirement, will not “see” the Kingdom of God, He did … Continue reading

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53. Language development.

53. Language development. Language is always developing. Words loose their unique meaning or could even take up a complete new meaning to those using them. Our forefathers used the word “brimstone” for a substance we now call “sulfur”. Should we … Continue reading

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42. Lunatic? Matthew 17:15

42. Lunatic? Matthew 17:15 What is a lunatic? Just think for a moment. What do you think when you hear of someone described as a lunatic? I’ve heard people say things like: “are you some kind of lunatic?” or “you … Continue reading

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31. Some Unique challenges

Some unique challenges in the translation of the New Testament. Translation always poses some unique challenges in any language. In some cases the semantic fields of words do not correspond. In other cases words have double meanings. Often such a … Continue reading

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29 Unique Translational Problems

29 Unique Translational Problems When I was a child, I heard this supposedly true but sad story of this old man who decided to hew in stone with his own hands an eulogy to honor his dear wife of so many … Continue reading

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