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112. My body to the flames? (1 Cor.13:3)

A verse that troubled me since my childhood days was 1 Corinthians 13:3. To me the problem was this: Directly preceding this statement, Paul mentions quite a few achievements that could be deemed reachable and really plausible, contributing to the … Continue reading

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86. “Born Again” or “Born from Above”? John 3:3

“Born Again” or “Born from Above”? In all languages we have words with double meanings. When Jesus said to Nicodemus in John 3:3 that those who do not fulfill the requirement, will not “see” the Kingdom of God, He did … Continue reading

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85. Take along a Sister, a wife on one’s journeys?

Sister as wife? 1 Cor. 9:5 What would it mean to take along “a sister, a wife” on a missionary journey? Consider the following versions of 1Cor. 9:5 KJV: “Have we not power to lead about a sister, a wife, … Continue reading

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84. Deacon’s wives or Deaconesses? 1Tim. 3:11

Deacon’s wives or Deaconesses? 1Tim. 3:11 Can a deacon be disqualified due to the bad behaviour of his wife? I suppose there would be people who would like to interpret 1Timothy three verse eleven that way. To what extent should … Continue reading

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69 Fifteen Myths about Bible Translation

Originally posted on Daniel B. Wallace:
Perhaps the number one myth about Bible translation is that a word-for-word translation is the best kind. Anyone who is conversant in more than one language recognizes that a word-for-word translation is simply not…

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40. Eugene Nida

40. Eugene Nida Professor Eugene Nida (11 November 1914 – 25 August 2011) In honor of the late Prof. Nida, I publish a tribute by Prof. Hennie Stander, University of Pretoria. We might not all know his name, but most believers … Continue reading

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