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128 Source Greek Text for NT Translation

Initially anybody who required a copy of the original autographs of the epistles, gospels or any other part of the New Testament had to make his own, or employ a scribe to make a copy. These copies were usually made … Continue reading

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76 New New Testament?

A New New Testament: Are You Serious? I re-blogged this important evaluation by Prof. Dan Wallace of a new “New Testament”. Be alert of this disturbing publication soon to hit our bookstores. Posted by Daniel B. Wallace on 17 March 2013 in Contemporary Issues, Early Christianity, New Testament Studies,Theology Just released … Continue reading

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35. Apocrypha

35. Apocrypha Something that many Christians have questions about, is the position and authority of the apocryphal books. Why are there two different sets of books? How did the Church discern which documents had to be included in the Bible, … Continue reading

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