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131Was Jesus appointed over the work of God’s hands? Hebrews 2:7

In Hebrews two verse seven, two variations are found where some manuscripts (handwritten copies) do have the clause: “You set Him over the work of your hands” while it is lacking in others. What could be the origin of this … Continue reading

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130 Polyglot

130 The Polyglot of Ximines In a previous post I referred to the polyglot (many languages) of cardinal Ximines of Spain. This post is derived from an article by Dan Graves published in “This week in Christian History”. Dan Graves, … Continue reading

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129 As Christ accepted You or Us; Romans 15:7

In many places in the Bible two or more groups of people are mentioned in opposition to one another. To which group we identify ourselves can blind us for something important in that Scripture. Do we see ourselves as part … Continue reading

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