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78. Oldest witness of the New Testament, Papyrus 52

Rylands Library Papyrus P52 Tim Challies 03/21/13 7 (Re-blogged from Tim Challies’ blog: Not only does Tim give an excellent description of this important fragment, but he also explains how some variations in ancient manuscripts of the NT could … Continue reading

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77. Dividing His clothes Mat. 27:35

Dividing His clothes Mat. 27:35 In Psalm 22:18 we read: “They divide my garments among them and cast lots for my clothing.” (NIV) This verse is fulfilled when the soldiers cast the lots to determine who should have Jesus’ tunic, … Continue reading

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76 New New Testament?

A New New Testament: Are You Serious? I re-blogged this important evaluation by Prof. Dan Wallace of a new “New Testament”. Be alert of this disturbing publication soon to hit our bookstores. Posted by Daniel B. Wallace on 17 March 2013 in Contemporary Issues, Early Christianity, New Testament Studies,Theology Just released … Continue reading

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